View Full Version : HP Toyota E Locker 4.88s NEW

January 24th, 2007, 07:52
I have a HP yota Elocker 3rd for sale that is new and has never had power to it.
It was installed and rolled about 9 feet, But Im a tard and need a low pinion.

One mounting hole is bigger, why? because I have a bigger stud there...

It has 488s and I bought it new from Inchworm 3 weeks ago
I paid 925 + 420 for 488s + Shipping,
I know I wont get what I paid for it, but I need it gone.

Give me $1100.00 and Ill ship it for free to the lower 48
Give me $1000.00 and Ill ship on your dime
Or come get it and give me a trade + Cash

Its located on Cape Cod, Massachusetts