View Full Version : Does anyone make a grease gun that doesn't leak?

July 4th, 2006, 11:27
Preferably one of the mini(3oz?)-pistol grip type.
I had a full size lever action (that was a mistake) - Lincoln brand, IIRC from Pep boys, and when it was stored, the grease would turn to liquid (because of the pressure?) and leak out every seam into a nice large pink (mobil 1) ATF - looking puddle.

I replaced it with a pistol grip from NAPA (not a high-quality piece by the look, but better than the AZ one), and it seals much better. I still get a few drips after it's been sitting for awhile though.

Have I been buying crap grease guns, or is this just something they do, and I should invest in large plastic baggies instead of a new gun?

I'm pretending this is OEM tech because I am going out to replace my rear DS U-Joints with Precision #280 which are greasable at the cap :D

July 4th, 2006, 13:56
All grease guns may leak a bit or eventually get covered in grease. It's the nature of the beast. Lever-action grease guns are a PITA to use, seems like you always need a 3rd hand :D

I've got a pistol-grip full-size pneumatic one made by Lincoln, and it works great. It does leak a bit and get really greasy though, so wiping it down with a rag at every use has become habit.

July 4th, 2006, 14:39
Part of this isn't the gun, it's the grease you're using.

I grew up with grease guns, and keep mine hanging on a nail in the garage. Even in the hot summer days, when the temp gets up over 100 degrees in the garage, the Valvoline semi-synth grease doesn't melt.

July 4th, 2006, 14:50
I have two Plews grease guns, one lever-action and one pistol-action.

I keep both in clamps on the wall (also Plews, cost me about $4 each) stored vertically, with the business end up. I put a rag overtop the coupling to keep crap out.

I also have a Plews suction gun (kinda like a grease gun in reverse - designed for oils, and REALLY handy for filling axles, manual transmissions, and transfer cases!) that lives in a clamp (same body,) but I have that hanging hose down, and a small bottle is fastened to the wall under it to catch drippings.

If you have the means, hang your grease gun vertically and see what happens. The nail/hook idea is not without merit, but I don't like hanging things by moving parts.

Also, a manual grease gun does not have much internal pressure unless you're using the thing - so it's just the grease going soft in the heat and leaking past the body/cap threads.

I might get a little "weeping" still, but that's because there is no seal under the cap. No problem - that's why I keep a bin of rags out in the garage anyhow...