View Full Version : 2 Jungle Carpet Pythons with Cage in AZ

June 27th, 2006, 22:09
$350 for the two (male/female) jungle carpet pythons with the large metal cage.
$200 for the snakes without the cage

Snakes are 4-5 years old and about 4.5-6 ft long. The female (large, brighter yellow) is aggressive and doesn't like to be handled. She eats large, adult, darker colored rats. She will not eat white mice.

The male is docile and enjoys being held, children okay. Of course, with any snake it will bite if provoked. He will eat just about anything.

The two snakes need to be separated during feeding. If the male is not separated, the female will strangle the male and you will have to pry off a very strong snake from the male. I have a large plastic tub you can have to place the male in. Once both snakes have completely swallowed everything, only then can you put them back together.

Also, make sure your hands don't smell like rats before placing your hands in the cage. The female will bite your hand. Ask me how I know.

The cage comes with the large sticks for them to curl on, water dish, but not the lights. Dimensions H72" x W36" x D28" Comes on casters and has a door with a latch - perfect for locking small, misbehaving children. :laugh3:

These snakes have not bred yet. Conditions need to optimal for this to happen (humidity, lighting, temp, environment, Barry White, etc)

These are in my classroom if you would like a closer look - just pm me.


Female - "Persia" (call them whatever the hell you want, they respond to their names as well as pet rocks do)

Male- "Sergio"