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May 29th, 2006, 11:42
How hard is the oil pan gasket to change out? Mine is leaking, so I took it by the local Pep Boys...they want $361.00 to change the thing!!

I haven't even looked at it...will the oil pan come off without dropping a bunch of crossmembers or the axel?

90 XJ/AW5

May 29th, 2006, 12:08
The oil pan comes out with a little wrestling if you jack the front end up and let the axle fully droop.

Helpful Hint - get a gasket for 1996-up - it's one piece moulded rubber, instead of two cork rails and two rubber end seals. I've not put one of those in yet, but I'm about to, and I expect it to me MUCH easier!


Matthew Currie
May 29th, 2006, 12:24
If your Xj is unlifted, you need to partially detach the front axle to let it droop. When I did my 87 it took a lot of drooping and was still a tight fit, requiring the removal of the oil pump pickup.

Before you go too far in this, I suggest you give it a good look, because it's really much more likely that the leak is from the oil filter adapter, which tends to look like a gasket or rear main leak, or perhaps even from the rear of the valve cover gasket. It is also possible for the rear bolts of the oil pan to loosen, and before replacing the gasket you should make sure the bolts are all properly torqued.

May 29th, 2006, 12:36
I replaced mine along with the rod bearings and rear main seal this past saturday, you DO NOT have to drop the susp. down but you do have to raise the jeep till the front tires are just touching the ground, take out the motor mount bolts and jack the motor up until the fan hits the shroud then the pan will come out. You will also have to take the exhaust loose from the manifold to get a bolt out of the dust shield and remove the starter. Since I was in no hurry and was plasti-gaging the new rod bearings, It took all day, hope this helps, FSM says also to use 4 1.5 inch long .25 inch studs with slot cut for screw driver at 4 corners of the pan to hold in place the one piece gasket , i would say this is a must do. also get yourself a inch pound touque wrench for the pan bolts i was amazed at how tight 120 and 156 inch pounds is till i used a torque wrench.

1993 4.0 ho