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July 29th, 2003, 02:05
I have sent a few emails out and have not heard anything in return. I sent off my money for my membership dues via PayPal, the transaction has been completed.

After reviewing the online membership form, I realized it was something that had to be printed off and mailed in. Thinking this was odd I emailed asking if it was possible to just Email my information in. The NAXJA member responded by saying he already had my information from a previous event. I have never been to any events, so the person he thought was me, is not. That is where it stands.

I am looking for some help here, this all took place last Friday, it is now Tuesday, going on 4 days now.

Any help appriciated.

July 29th, 2003, 08:33
Problem solved, thanks guys.


F. F.
July 29th, 2003, 08:36
Good to hear. :)