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February 2nd, 2006, 00:14
how do you get the codes for when your check engine light comes on in a 98 cherokee? i know there's a way but don't remember. and i'm not looking for somebody to tell me to get a reader, i know i can do that.

February 2nd, 2006, 00:26
well unfortunately thats all u can do with a 98. the newer cherokees cant get the codes using any other method such as the key-on-off thing. u can get a reader for and obd2 system or go to autozone and get them read for free.


February 2nd, 2006, 14:08
went to schucks and checked

P0700 tranny control system malfunction
P0705 tranny range sensor circuit malfunction

anybody got experience with these codes?

it's a 98 cherokee

February 2nd, 2006, 14:36
I believe its related to the NSS safety switch. It becomes dirty and needs to be cleaned or replaced. THey are expensive but you can find an article on jeepin.com on how to clean it. Before that i would try the obvious things- look at all tranny related fuses, fluid level.

February 2nd, 2006, 14:38
nss switch? really, that's weird. Mine is acting up lately too. having to start in neutral sometimes. i'll check thanks.

February 2nd, 2006, 14:45
first paragraph talks about reverse lights not working, mine haven't worked for months. i will be trying to clean the nss and see if that fixes all my problems.