View Full Version : Grey Leather Front Seats

July 24th, 2003, 10:19
Looking for grey leather front seats for my 88' XJ. I don't need the power seat motors, just the seat. Thanks Juice

July 24th, 2003, 12:34
I've got two great condition ones in tan. $20.00 each

Any interest ?

July 24th, 2003, 15:54
i'll trade ya my grey leather power seats for some grey cloth seats with manual frames.... i love em but i dont have AC anymore so they suck.

July 24th, 2003, 19:03
I have gray cloth seats now but they have the power motors, which I want to keep. I'll get a pic of them up on the morning. What kind of shape are your seats in? Do you have pic of them? Thanks Juice