View Full Version : odd clunk

July 6th, 2005, 23:25
I've been having this odd clunk that is more like a "chunk" noise of metal popping. It happens when I first start out driving, but won't happen again unless I'm really slow speed like going into a parking space and cranking the wheel. I can reproduce it by backing out of spots, turning the wheel and then going forward. Or, I can just keep moving back and forth cranking the wheel side to side. The noise is very quick so it is a pain in the ass to diagnose since I just can't pinpoint it.

I felt some of the linkage and I didn't feel it in the track bar, but I did feel it in the tie rod. The noise itself is coming from the drivers side wheel area. It should be noted that I recently changed the hubs on both sides (as in 2500 miles ago) right before I did a cross country trip. I didn't notice it much on the long trip, but maybe once or twice when it caught my attention. But now it is every time I start driving after parking it for even a few minutes.

July 7th, 2005, 22:40
Have a buddy turn the wheel from side-to-side while you look at all of the linkage to see what is making the noise. My bet would be the tie-rod end that connects the drag link to the Pitman arm. Good Luck!