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January 13th, 2005, 20:40
Well, ive finnally broken my first front axle u-joint. to bad i dont have a good story to go with it. was trying to pull one of my old cars down of the hill out of the snow. i was on packed snow/ice, no traction. i pulled back, then couldent pull forward, and my front end started making all sorts of noise. had to cut my strap to get my jeep down, and take a look. My first broken u-joint! on ice? with an open diff? mind you, no tires had any traction, nothing for it to hook up and get traction on. and only 8,000 miles or so on the joints. took two opposite ends clean off the joint, anf took out the shaft. upon closer inspection, one had an old crack in it. can tell from the two diffent colours of metal. might have been from previous wheeling, but i havent really even pushed it yet.
so, just a fluke thig? common? or, in my opinon, crappy napa joints? they are 260's.