View Full Version : Flipped D300 behind AW-4.. Any unusual install issues?

January 11th, 2005, 15:40
Hey guys, (I was referred over to you unibody fella's from POR regarding my question)

My buddy has sold me a DEO Flipped & Twin Sticked Dana 300 with a 5/16" Clocking Ring that he had behind a NV3550 in a 2000 TJ.

I'm putting it into my 1997 TJ behind a 23 Spline 1999 XJ AW-4 that I swapped in last summer.

I'm just wondering if there are any unusual issues I might encounter with the install. Neither of us are positive if the AW-4 Output Shaft will be too long for the D300 with the 5/16 Clocking Ring. Anyone encounter this?

Its not a big deal to cut the shaft, but we only have 3 days to do this and return his very built TJ to stock, so any prior fault finding will help speed up the process.

Thanks in advance


January 11th, 2005, 15:49
i seem to recall that you need a thicker ring, like 3/4. not because of shaft length, but some other interference.

do a little searching here and on PBB, I know I've seen it before.

January 11th, 2005, 17:04
7/8" to be exact.

January 11th, 2005, 17:27
I got some info from a fella on JU basically stating that if the D300 has the Sealed Imput Bearing that comes with the DEO Kit and a 5/16" Clocking Ring, then I can just Trim the AW-4 Output Shaft 1/16th and grind down the D300 Imput a tad as well.

Makes sense I guess...