View Full Version : stroker recommendations?

January 10th, 2005, 17:04
I'm thinking about making a stroker soon, i know a guy who said he'll fit, hone and install my crank, pistons, and camshaft for about $450-$500. I have to provide the parts so i am wondering what recommendations i should do? i want to make mine into a 4.6 or 4.7 and I also know a bunch of old AMC's with 4.2 in the salvage yard and was wondering if i should use the cranks and piston rods in them thats still in good condition?

January 10th, 2005, 21:54
Take a look at the following links, Berserker.




I'm helping a friend swap a stroked 4.0L (4.7L) into his YJ... we just gotta build it first :).

In regard to using junkyard engine parts, have the machine shop check them for you. When I rebuilt the 350 in my Camaro, I got away with reusing the rods and pistons because they weren't in very bad shape.