View Full Version : Stuck steering dampener pin - problem solved.

November 25th, 2004, 20:21
I could not get my steering dampener pin out of the tapered hole on my 99, figured out a cheap solution after much aggrivation. Everyone said it was almost impossible, true. l unbolted the dampener from the frame, and tried to tap it out with no luck, then hammered on it untill the threads were toasted.
I then cut off the dampener at the end of the cylinder with a grinder and also cut the now unthreaded end flush on the arm. Now the cool part, Auto Zone has a puller, OEM brand part number 25297 that fits perfectly over the arm and alligns with the center of the old bolt (when cut flush). Ok, Auto Zone, tool will break in 2 seconds... not true. Has a 3/4" hex end for a socket, two full turns with a breaker bar at fairly hard torque and it poped right out.
I put a small section of plywood behind it because I was told it came out like a howitzer round, that also is true. The puller was 9 bucks and has a warranty if it fails. Still looks like new! Thanks for all the help and warnings.