View Full Version : Stock Front swaybar link needed!!

May 20th, 2003, 13:40
I busted mine trying to undo the nut while installing rusty's budget boost:( Anyone what to help a fellow XJ owner out?:rolleyes: BTW, its for a '95 country w/4.0

May 20th, 2003, 20:08
advance auto has em for 15.95... cheap insurance with a warranty..

May 21st, 2003, 14:01
i've got a few extra sitting around. how soon do you need them. i'm leaving for memorial day weekend tonight and won't be back until mon night. if you still need one then i'll send one your way for a few bucks shipping.

May 21st, 2003, 18:07
Matthew, that would be great! I could use it asap but when ever you get time is cool. I've been riding around with just one side hooked up and it doesn't feel much different. Do you accept paypal? thanks, mike

May 26th, 2003, 23:02
mike i have a few in the back of my rig.. i live in nj.. in mt laurel.. shoot me an email at onemeanxj@aol.com .. if you come pick it up you can have it.. or if i'll be around your way ( where ever that may be) i will drop it off.

May 27th, 2003, 09:46
Dave, I just e-mailed you....

June 1st, 2003, 07:50
I still need one......anybody??

June 1st, 2003, 08:18
I will have both links come Wednesday when my JKS discos go on. PM me if you want to make a deal.


June 14th, 2003, 05:14
DELETE..........I ended up buying a new one.