View Full Version : TJ Flares are done.. Pics

August 9th, 2004, 20:41
I got the TJ flares done the other day and took some pictures to show the progress. I think I am going to do a full write up but for now here are some teaser pics. :D

Front done

Rear done

I cut 3 inches in the front and about 1.5 in the rear



Some other pics




This will have to tide you over until the full write up is done.


August 9th, 2004, 20:57
Looks good, I'm planning on doing some TJ flares once I can find some. Look forward to the write-up.

August 9th, 2004, 21:17
Sorry, I'm not willing to wait...

Why the camelhump in the cutout on the front flare?


August 9th, 2004, 21:29
thats the shape of the backside of the flair

August 9th, 2004, 21:33
Does look nice! Was planning on the doing the same soon. Definitely one of the best finish jobs I've seen on TJ flare mods.

Does doing the small cuts first make it easier to keep a straighter cut?
Did you finish the edges after the cuts?

Oh, I've seen aftermarket TJ flares at JC Whitney for $150

August 9th, 2004, 21:42
That's a pretty decent TJ flare job, coincidently I just got mine in the mail today and they friggin dwarf my tires, it looks like I could fit 34"s :-x What size lift and tires you got? You guys should check out ebay, I got mine from a place called Collins Bros for $50 + $20 shipping, better than I could find on any forum. If you guys wanna see a great job with all around rear TJ flares, check out Rkitsomething on JU.

- Kevin

PS what did you use to mount them?

August 10th, 2004, 15:16
I got my flares from quatratec for $100, the clearance they let you have is well worth the price. I am running 36's on 5" of lift. The rear is where it gets tricky if you want to take full advantage of the flare.

August 10th, 2004, 18:01
The rear is where it gets tricky if you want to take full advantage of the flare.

This is the truth. If you cut more then 1.5 to 2 inches you will need to weld or be very creative. Since I donít know how to weld (yet) I stuck to the just the lip. But the clearance for what I am running now is fine. We will have to see when I go with bigger meats.

[quote]Does doing the small cuts first make it easier to keep a straighter cut?
Did you finish the edges after the cuts?[/qoute]

On the rear the small "slice" cuts you see actualy are bent under the quarter if you cut this off all the way the inner and outer wheel well seperate, thus you would have to push the inner well up and re-weld. To finish I sanded the loose paint away, sealed, painted and then sprayed with under coating. should keep it safe for now.

[quote]What size lift and tires you got? [/qoute]

Right now it's a RE 3.5 and 31's. after I regear I will go to 5-6 and 33's the front will have all kinds of room the back may need a bit more work.. Guess I need to learn to weld

what did you use to mount them?

For street I am using bolts. With the curve of the body slightly differnet the then TJ it helps the look to suck in the edges. I played around with some differnent fastener but didn't like the look of them. they all left a small gap between the body and the Flare. I am sure the first time I rip one of these things off I will switch to something different.

Thanks for the words. Really I took my time, about 12 hours total with all the detail work, to finish this up. If you didn't care about the fit around the molding it would be about half that. RkitOut did a great job on his, when you get a chance check them it out.

look around to find flares, I got mine from a local guy that put a set of Bushwackers on this 2004 Tj, With less then 4000 miles. hehehe.. wont tell ya the price.