View Full Version : Power steering problems

August 2nd, 2004, 20:12
1990 xj 4.0
PS pump was whinning and hoses were leaking, we replaced the pump and both hoses , but now the pump is still whining and the fluid is foaming up in the resivoir! what could cause this? I thought it was an air pocket but the manual says it is self bleeding.. Bad steering box? gasket somewhere on the box? them things is expensive, im hoping for a easy fix!
Im stumped ...

August 2nd, 2004, 22:28
it takes about 200 lock to lock turns to bleed the system. that is still a self bleeding system but that is how it self bleeds

August 3rd, 2004, 08:41
Mine didn't take 200 lock to lock turns! I dont' think I've done 200 yet...

With it off, turn to the end and wiggle a few times. You'll see big burps in the bottle. It's easier with the wheels up. After that, run it, turning side to side several times. Anything else will leave in normal driving, but you will have little to no bubbles at that point unless there's a leak.

It should get better, not worse. Tell me if I'm getting this wrong, but it sounds like you have a BIG foam problem, not getting better. Right? That probably means air in the return side somewhere. Could be the return line (you put clamps on the hose, right?), the internal o-ring in the back plate of the pump, or at the pump-reservoir connection most likely. Could be a crack in the return hose too.

If all is dry and clean, leave it a few days and look for a wet spot. Check in back of the pump too. If not, clean it up with degreaser and look.