View Full Version : Rear axle seals leaking....AGAIN?!

Incredible Hulk
August 2nd, 2004, 15:26
Ok what the snap? I got home fine, and then today, I look under my drivers rear wheel, and my axle seal is leaking.....AGAIN! I just got done putting in new seals cuz the others got torn when we put in my gears, and now after putting in teh new ones VERY carefully, they are leaking again. I think I am gonna drive it into the river! THis is the 3rd time, and its getting VERY old. I pulled the shaft, and it has torn the seal once again. What on earth would be causing this? It jst has a chunk missing on one side and it lets the diff grease leak out all over my tires. So, I have ATV'd the hole where it got torn, and am gonna just slap a bunch in the inner lip when I put it all together, which more than likely wont last long, so I will need new seals again. However, in the meantime, what on earth would be causing this? I put them in SO carefully last time, that it baffles me how they tore again. It also looks like I got water in my diff, cuz the breather tube spit fluid up into the frame rail so it is dripping out of there, but I just emptied it and the fluid looked fine. How would that happen without water getting in there? Im baffled and agitated, so please help! Its a D44 and I swapped in discs if that matters. Help me gurus!

August 2nd, 2004, 17:46
a slightly bent shaft will cause seals to have a short life span... also have you replaced the outer seal or just the inner?

Incredible Hulk
August 2nd, 2004, 18:18
I just installed brand new superior shafts. I highly doubt they are bent. I changed every piece actually on the shaft. Is there another seal in the diff housing? I dont recall.

August 2nd, 2004, 20:12
the outer seal is the one used to keep oil in, so that is the only one you need to be concerned about for your problem. from your first post it sounded like you were changing seals in the housing, since you said somthing about ****ing then up when you changed the gears

August 2nd, 2004, 20:32
Probably obvious, but when preparing things, put wheel grease all in the channel of the seal where it rides the axle, and wipe the axle down with lube. Be extra careful inserting the spline, That's the only part I can think of that might take a 'chunk' out of the seal.

If these chunks have been so big you can see them, pull the axle partway out after fully inserting it and see if it ripped. If it did, the installation just did it. If it didn't, and it rips later, it's the axle or something else...

September 15th, 2004, 16:26
Just out of curiosity, you put in Superior shafts, was it the super 44 kit?

September 15th, 2004, 17:21
A buddy of mine with a 2004 Rubicon had his front seal leaking. Dealership put in new seal and it leaked again. They replaced the axle shaft and seal and no more problems. Could be the shaft causing the seals to leak.