View Full Version : CCV mod safety??

July 30th, 2004, 21:22
I've been looking at mods to remedy the poor performance of the CCV system on the 4.0. Originally it uses a little restrictor in the tube that goes into the grommet on top. Comparing to PCV systems and valves, the valves have a type of check valve for restriction, but I remember from somewhere that they also act as check valves in case of a backfire into the intake manifold for safety.

Anyone know about this? The mod at jeepxj.com removes the restrictor and gets good flow, and I just got all the parts for even less $$ and I think a better fit, but would like to verify any safety concerns.

That info may have been from the days of carbs too, (mine's a low-carb engine - it's fuel injected... :roflmao: sorry, couldn't resist) and not be valid anymore.