View Full Version : Hey BOD, Chapter members...

June 18th, 2004, 18:06
...or even prospective Chapter members at this point...

So it's about the end of the initial term... What's going on in the Chapter? You guys brainstorm anything? Seems to me that a bunch of us got together to form a Chapter, did a bunch of work, and we've been pretty quiet since. ;) Is it the gloom of the PNW region?

Perhaps we'll have to see after the Fest whether people open up. We've got folks who were pretty vocal at the inception of the Chapter...who won't even email people back now.

What gives? How the heck is everyone doing? It's Summer now...what's everyone up to? Do we need to have another quick gathering to get to know some folks? I know we're spread out a bit, but not everyone has to show to everything that's set up...

Feedback, people. Some of us thrive on it. :) I feel like a dog waiting for his master to come home from work.

June 18th, 2004, 19:07
A couple of us recently bought houses, a couple more of us went to Glenn's for some good grub and good BSing. Some others have been out wheeling, and have been nice enough to post when and where they are going. What you been up to?

I think the best way to get to know people is in person, not over the internet. NW Fest should let people get to know each other better and put a face with a name. This usually opens people up some and encourages camaraderie.

It's true that the BOD's term is coming to an end soon. Within the following weeks of NW Fest, we'll hold nominations for BOD, or we can elect to keep the existing BOD until the 1 year anniversary date of the NW Chapter inception (we'll leave it up to the members to decide). Either way, the next election, whether in August, or November will be for a 1 year term.