View Full Version : First sand run

March 23rd, 2004, 00:17
Hey all thought I would take a moment to introduce myself (Alan) and invite anyone interested to go bombing around at Sand lake this weekend the 27th & 28th. I have never been out there myself but am going with some buddies and the local 4X4 shop crew. Anyone is welcome of course, just thought I would invite fellow XJ'ers. We are planning to just stay saterday night. I've got a tube bender on the way and am picking up my new miller 175 tomorrow morning(may be a good time to meet us HA). If anyone is interested e-mail me at: static revolution at hotmail dot com: get it. BTW we will be driving out from Newberg just south of Portland and sand lake is out west near Pacific City.


March 23rd, 2004, 19:11
Cool! Welcome aboard! I'm out for the weekend gig and have never been to Sand Lake myself, but used to wheel TSF often when I lived in Portland.

Check in here every so often for goings on. It's a bit slow now, but I'm sure it will pick up as the whether clears.