View Full Version : Anyone interested in Ghost town/mining towns???

March 13th, 2004, 14:04
There was a pretty cool thread on SNORT beginning of the year about ghost towns and mining towns/sites and the trails to get there. For the most part, the trails are not rated 'hardcore' (though some are impassable now). I think it would be a pretty cool trip to explore some of the history around these parts.

Snow is melting in the lower elevations and a trip in about a month is doable. What kind of interest do we have in such an outing? It wouldn't be much of a wheeling trip as it would be an exploration trip with a lot of sight seeing.

Here's some links:



Any interest?


March 13th, 2004, 18:11
I am down...I love exploring stuff like that. One problem, I now have no XJ :shiver:

March 14th, 2004, 10:15
Yea I would be interested, As soon as I am trail ready. I just picked up some books yesterday about Whatcom County in the late 1800/early 1900.

March 20th, 2004, 19:38
Pending if I can get my rig working well enough, I'd be interested as well. I work at a bookstore and they have a map pack that has ghost town/sites in Washington. It has a few has a map for 4 different sections(NW, NE, SW, SE) and I could pick it up if there's some interest as well as get more info.

- Kevin

March 22nd, 2004, 11:12
As long as I don't trash my rig or wallet in Moab, then I'm up for anything and everything in late April/May.