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April 8th, 2003, 02:01
As we had talked a little earlier in this forum about the Moab 2003 signup page, I wanted to ask you and the BOD if it would be OK for me to make and manage a signup page? If it is OK, I will make a signup page and then give you the link to post for those going to Moab 2003 event. I will manage it myself, so as not to burden the web editor with more work. Like Goatman was saying, there was a member/members here in Arizona that did make a signup for the Colorado XJ event (FF'99), and it was accepted very well by the members. I would make it possible for those signing up to post a picture of there rig, and do a small write up about themselves and there family members that will also be attending, and of course the description of there rig, and what state that they live in. I do have the time to manage this page, and have the experience to manage it. I would have a link for you to post on naxja page that would go to my website, where the page would be. It will not be linked to any of my pages, and would be exclusively for naxja members and guests to post to. It would not be a conversation forum. Those that signup have the option to give their email address or website link, if wanting to contact and converse with other members. I hope that this makes sense, and that I did get my intended message across correctly. I appreciate all of your help in maintaining naxja's website. Your doing a GREAT job.

Thank you,