View Full Version : Moab 2003 signup forum/Page??

April 1st, 2003, 23:11
Each time I visit the NAXJA site, I hope that there will finally be a page/link for us to go to and see "WHO" is going to the event. I remember the one that was put up for the "FF99" event in Colorado. It was great to be able to see who was attending. It also gave us the opportunity to talk to those who were going, about our rigs, needs, and help with miscellaneous tasks and concerns. I know that the event is 7 months away, but the "FF99" page was up early, and it was a big helped being able to talk to those who were going as well about needs, travel, lodging, rigs, etc.. I know it is allot of work dealing with the maintenence and up keep of websites, so I completely understand if it is not a possibility. The new forums and web work looks GREAT! A BIG thank you from me to all those who are involved.


F. F.
April 1st, 2003, 23:42
Might consider posting this on the Members Forum.