View Full Version : Member Title Change

Mike in NJ
March 31st, 2003, 14:19
I know, I know. I just dumped on this Forum change in the Members Forum and this set of boards. But, dissent is an American right, correct?

Besides, now I NEED something! :D

Just don't confuse opposition to format as an indictment of the webmeisters - you guys really do a great job!

Anyway, as long as I'm getting setting up here - how about switching me from "addict" to "NAXJA Life Member"?


Mike in NJ :patriot:

F. F.
March 31st, 2003, 14:32
Ahhh... I see...does not like it... see no need for it.... but wants to use the toys it comes with..... well, sine ya put it that way.... OK. Title has been changed. :)

Besides... your position was stated politely. :)

Mike in NJ
March 31st, 2003, 14:48
. . . and I'd drive an H2 if someone gave me one, too!

Loyalties aside - freebies are freebies.