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November 17th, 2003, 20:32
Well, the roster has been open for members to sign up for just over a week now and we have:

Steve Williams (me) #463
Hans Huisman (PNW01XJ) #649
Phil Marek (ECKSJAY) #660
Dan Starc #676
Glenn Baker #69
Judd Jones (JJ13) #646
Ben Remak (Dawg Cherokee) #655
Chris Onnink (railroadjeep) #656
Michael Lee (2xtreme) #534
Erik Mighells (Erik) #498

Of those 10, some do not wish to be part of the BOD for their own reasons, so that leaves our pikins rather skim. We need to elect a President, Vice President, and a Secretary/Treasurer. It was decided by 3 (maybe all 4) members at the meeting that the inaugural term for our first BOD would only be a 6 month term. That way, if someone didn't like it, or one or more of the BOD was not doing a satisfactory job, the change would be an easy one. Plus the fact that by the time 6 months rolls around, we should all know each other a little better.

So lets get this thing off the ground and make it official!


November 18th, 2003, 11:38
I have not met any of you so, I do not feel comfortable nominating anyone specifically. I would like to apart of this board however due to current situations with my work and other board responsibilities I do not feel that I can do them currently (maybe in 6 or 12 months). So please keep me out of the BOD for now.

Also, I think that there are a few of you who have put in the bulk of the initial work to get this thing started and I believe that you (Glen Baker, Phil Marek, Hans Huisman, Steve Williams, not trying to leave anyone out, just going from memory) would be a good start to the BOD, so are any of you interested in specific positions in which case I think that we (not knowing anyone) could feel more comfortable nominating someone.

Other thougts??


November 19th, 2003, 10:31
Well the "Man" has givin me one last chance to redeem myself, my ban has been lifted :angel: I'll nominate Steve for all three positions. I'm still not sure what everyone wants out of this forum. And can a BOD function if one or more members lives out of the Seatle area? And what exactly will each BOD member actually be doing?

November 19th, 2003, 22:40
I second Steve for Prez, He seems to have his head in the game. Plus he has been around for awhile.

Dawg Cherokee
November 20th, 2003, 14:39
Judging by his posts, I agree that Steve is a good nomination. Aside from that, is there anyone in our modest little group that really understands what we hope to accomplish, has the time, and would like one of the positions? If so, please come forward.


November 20th, 2003, 18:02
I'll nominate Steve also. Thanks for stepping forward with your experience.

I'd like to do what I can to help out where needed.

November 20th, 2003, 18:32
I too can also help, I can't guaratee that I would beable to make it to EVERY meeting/event.

November 20th, 2003, 21:56
Thanks guys! I accept the nominations.

We do not need all BOD to be in the same area. I really don't think there will be many in person meetings. Most of the decisions that need to be made can be made online or via e-mail. After all, NAXJA has it's BOD spread all over the country.

As far as the jobs of the BOD, it is mostly their job to vote on decisions that need to be made with the way the chapter is run. If we do eventually plan a NW NAXJA event, it will be expected that the BOD do a majority of the planning along with the help of volunteers. If we do decide to, we can sell t-shirts, and have fund raisers, that's where the Treasurer comes in. It would be their responsibility to keep track of $. For now, we are only looking for 3 BOD members. The Sec/Treas is combined into one because we really have no need for 4 BODs at this time.

As far as what we want out of this chapter, I think we all have a different idea. Once we get this thing off the ground, and members and non-members alike can post freely, the ideas will come-forth we will all get to know each other better, and the direction of our chapter will be more defined. It is of course dependant on our members as to the fate of our chapter.

Since we really don't know each other, I kinda figured it would be hard for us to pick a BOD. So far, Hans and Phil have shown interest. I think that anyone interested in becoming part of the BOD step forward. There may only be 3 people, if so, there would be no reason to hold an election. So lets here it...


November 20th, 2003, 22:02
I would be happy to be part of the BOD as long as it is not the treasurer. Handling money isn't my strong point. I have a hard enough time balancing my own checkbook.


Glenn B
November 20th, 2003, 22:20
Good start so far. Willis for Prez!! :D

November 27th, 2003, 09:03
Seems like we only have a few people interested in the BOD. I've PMed Judd (JJ13) and Hans (PNW01XJ) about the Vice Pres and Sec/Tres positions, and only waiting responce from Hans.

Just letting everyone know, we are moving forward.

I am going to email everyone that filled out the member roster to make sure everyone used the email address they want NAXJA to have on record. NAXJA wants Names, Member #, and email addresses for the start-up of our Chapter.


November 27th, 2003, 21:23
Steve sorry it took so long for me to respond. Haven't had any time for the last week. The wife and I hosted our first Thanksgiving supper.

Yea I PM'ed you steve. That will work for me.