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December 5th, 2017, 14:33
Hey new XJ owner here. Traded my 98 Dakota for a 98 XJ 4x4. Dakota had 228k this has 231k so not much difference. Engine has a slight tick at idle that honestly sounds like a misfire because I can hear the exhaust sort of puffing at idle but when I drive both go away and is smooth as can be, owned a lot of cars and trucks only few were this smooth. Not majorly worried about it but want to get it sorted. Stopped at a gas station and noticed condensation on the ground near the right passenger tire then saw coolant there too and a somewhat good amount. Didn't overheat or anything just something I noticed, traced it back and looks like it's the overflow/fill tank. Has a broken off piece it seems that's near the front if the tank looks like a spout, direct access to coolant and that's where I saw traces of water/coolant, any idea what it could be? Checked both rad hoses and the brush pan underneath the rad wasn't holding liquid/dirty from a leak at all. This Jeep NEEDS new paint job. Thinking of doing plastidip or rhinoline all of it or is just getting a maaco better? Also what's a good or cheap (can't use those two in same fashion IG) to lift without having to extend brake lines/steering shaft. Only looking for about 2-3 inches so I can add 31s like my Dakota had. Sorry if this is the wrong subsection.

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December 5th, 2017, 20:47
Can you get a picture of the damage part of the overflow tank? Not sure if the 97+ is different than the older ones, but it could be as simple as the overflow needing to be replaced.

For a budget lift, this is a good reference article. I did this with an old stock spring pack from a previous jeep, ended up picking up 2 inches all around with plenty of room for 31s. http://www.rocklizardfabrications.com/home_brew_budget_boost.htm

December 6th, 2017, 08:35
For painting go monstaliner. Way better than plastidipping or rhino lining. You can check the body forum for some threads for those that have done it.


You can fit 31's with some fender trimming and no lift. It would be a little tight, but would work. Another idea (as stated above) is using XJ upcountry, V8 Grand or Bronco coils (IIRC) to get you about 1-2"" in the front you can also add a little lift with an ACOS or bigger isolator pads. You can bastard pack the rear and no a shackle relocation to get you a little more lift as well.

December 6th, 2017, 08:50
I have a little bit of fender trimming and running 33's with no lift