View Full Version : Ground for door lock

December 2nd, 2017, 14:48
The door lock actuator have only 2 wires on it one for the unlock and the other for the lock function. Where is the ground? I assume it is grounded via the case. Is this correct?

I pulled the cover off the passenger front door today and pocked around in there a bit. The reason? The links on the door lock rattles quite a bit and are driving me crazy. It started a few days ago. The plastic keepers that hold the links to the lock seem to have worn out, old age I assume. I need to find a creative way to fix this,...I wonder if these keepers are available new?

The door look actuator have been an ongoing problem for some time now looking every time on the first try but seldom unlock electrically. The bracket on the actuator is riveted to the door. These rivets are loose allowing the actuator to wobble around. Replacing the rivets with bolts and nuts would stop the wobble but would it help electrically?

December 2nd, 2017, 15:47
No separate ground -- the door lock actuator locks and unlocks by reversing the polarity thru the 2 wires