View Full Version : 1998 xj sport can't get started need help

1998XJ sport
November 23rd, 2017, 18:35
so I just got a 98 xj sport 4.0 and we cannot get it started, we have tested the fuel, spark and air which all are fine except the spark is bright orange, we have also checked the positioning of the distributer plus set the piston to top dead center, also checked the crank positon sensor, cleaned out the distributer, plus the computer wont throw a code and we cleaned and reattached the grounds. we also replaced the coil which did not help and replaced the cam position sensor. after all of this it still wont run but It turns over. :(

November 25th, 2017, 15:31
How are the plugs? Is the spark orange at the plugs or off the distributor cap? Either way a tune up of rotor cap plugs and wires is probably in order.

1998XJ sport
November 25th, 2017, 16:05
we only got 4 volts at the coil, bypassed the ASD at the coil to get 12 volts and still has weak spark at both ends