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November 17th, 2017, 19:48
i have a 98 xj. i put on LED's on my front bumper
i live in pa.
pa law says i can add the LED's, buy i can only use them w/ low beams.
And i read in a auto electrical book i have telling me to never run a wire for a added accessory, directly to the fuse box, cause it can melt.
(i already experienced it on a previous xj)
so can anyone give me a link or directions on how to find the correct color wire for my front parking lights?
i want to run my power (fused) wire for LED's to my parking light harness.
And i was going to add in the future: a overhead lightbar,, pillar lights, & at least one LED on back bumper
Plus i do have a winch, & i put a toggle switch on my stock electric fan,
+ a aftermarket horn
I put on a good top post battery from my dodge diesel, & a aftermarket more powerful alternator.
i was thinking of getting a 2nd battery, &/or a added 6 place fuse box.
i don't want a million wires going to my battery. I figured a 2nd battery will help.
so if anyone can offer links, drawings, advise, anything to help.
Plus how would i even wire up a 2nd battery?:flame:

November 18th, 2017, 06:25
You're going to run a wire direct to your main battery and either a) fuse it or b) buy an accessory fuse block so that you can jump one wire off of your battery and wire up multiple accessories now or in the future. I like this one:

Having a second battery is good. Buy a kit. You'll need to find a place for it and isolate it either via isolator or relay. You do NOT need a second battery to run a few LED lights, but its nice to have to self jump if needed. Not sure what alternator you put in, but it likely covers your additional power draw from LEDs (though unsure if it covers the winch well).

Also, you should NOT tap off of your parking lights to power your auxiliary LEDs, a) I think your parking lights are on with high beams and 2) you'll probably melt the parking light wiring or blow the fuse. If you want to tap off the parking lights to control the LEDs you need to do it via relay.

November 18th, 2017, 06:30
Also, PA requires that "off-road" lights be covered while on the road. I've been stopped for lights (while off) covered by brush guards and not opaque covers. Whether they are driving lights or off-road lights will be at the discretion of the cop and based on color, aim and mounting position.