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November 17th, 2017, 08:21
I noticed after I towed to Harlan that my transmission doesnít always grab immediately. Sometimes, not always, if I put it in gear it will take 8 seconds before the transmission starts to pull the vehicle. Happens in D and R. Other times it works just fine.

Didnít realize I had a two setting (button) and didnít use it the 9 hours round trip to Harlan and back. Wondered if I did any damage.


November 17th, 2017, 09:44
Mine always did that when I was in 4l but never any other time.
I would drain some ATF and see if it's burned and replace if it is.

November 17th, 2017, 10:05
The Tow Setting ups the shift points and keeps it out of OD; just like an Early XJ.

Mine sometimes does that. SOP for me is to put it in drive and wait for the pull.

Like Dan mentioned, pull the dip stick, wipe it on a white towel and look at the fluid. Brown means its burnt, which you can verify by the smell.

When I got mine at 90K it was slightly burnt and the tranny would hunt going down the freeway.

I used one of those HF clear hand pumps works. Slide the hose down the oil fill until it hits the pan, then start pulling out fluid. Pour the waste fluid into an empty 5QT Oil container to see how much you pulled out, then replace it with a like amount of fresh +4 Fluid. You can use the pump to put it back in too.

You never get the stuff in the torque converter anyway unless you use a garage type system where you break the line and pull in new fluid while you drain the old.
If you're worried about getting most of it, run the engine for a while and put it in N, R, D . That will cycle the oil out of the torque converter. The redo the removal/replacement procedure.

There is a filter, but frankly, if it's full of stuff, it needs a rebuild.