View Full Version : Excessive steering pull issue.

November 14th, 2017, 15:08
Front Axle: D30, 4.88s, Spartan Lunchbox Locker, 35s.

So I was wheeling with the family a few nights ago and broke the Front DS Axle Shaft. To be more specific I spun the outer shaft at the base of the spline at the Hub. I was able to limp it the level ground not far from where I was and did a temp repair with a dummy outer shaft so I wouldn’t lose my wheel. I shoved a rag in the axle tube to minimize leakage. Basically put it in 2wd after and made it back to the trail head for the drive home. Passenger side axle shaft is still intact and driveshaft still in place at this point. I had to drive like this for 2 days then I ordered a new outer shaft and ujoint, put the DS shaft back together and slapped it in with a new hub (just Incase). Now when I make right hand turns the steering pulls back driver and I have to Armstrong it to make those right turns. Otherwise it pulls me straight. I can hear the locker unloading occasionally during these turns as well but not all the time. It’s only with right turns. I had a similar but not drastic issue when I first had the gears and spartan locker done, but that was resolved by the end of break in period. I haven’t cracked the case yet but will in the days to come, just figured I’d see what everyone had to say.

November 16th, 2017, 09:35
Update, cracked case and drained fluid. Had some little metal pieces in fluid. Upon inspection I found that maybe 2 of the 4 guide pins for the spartan locker had chips in them. Cleaned it out and filled it with fluid. Still seems to have the issue but not as bad today, I think I’m not having as much issue today because of the rain and the ground being wet.

November 22nd, 2017, 11:18
Pulled carrier, all guide pins are chipped bad. I’m pretty sure this is the issue. Just an update Incase people run into this issue haha.