View Full Version : question about axles for 92 xj

November 5th, 2017, 19:34
I currently have an 8.25 rear and its bent from an impact 2degrees.
so I need to replace it.
Drove on it for 8 years now. and its bytime I fix it.
While I am in there I am going to be putting a bastard pack in.
I know there is a 27 and 29 spline axle
Is it best to keep the 8.25 ? and anything I need to look for before I just start cutting a junkyard one up ?

November 6th, 2017, 04:03
The 29 spline Chry 8.25 is much better than the Dana 35, and much easier to find than the Dana 44. Find one with the correct gear ratio, inspect the gear oil for no metal sparkles, and the gears for excessive wear or damage. Bolt it on.

November 6th, 2017, 15:40
So after some research I have found I think I have a 27 spline since it's a 92.
Where is the real difference? Do I need a different shaft. ?

November 6th, 2017, 16:27
The difference is the axle shaft dimensions, meaning the 29 spline axle shafts are a bit stronger. The outer axle housing dimension are exactly the same, 27 vs. 29 splines.

November 6th, 2017, 17:20
The size of each spline is consistent. Adding two additional splines requires the circumference of the shaft to be enlarged. This results in much greater strength for the shaft.

Get the 29-spline.

November 6th, 2017, 22:36
Okay. I got it now. its talking internal splines.
makes sense now. more surface area. hence stronger.
So Ideally I want a 97+ 8.25.
As far as gears go I need to look at mine and see what it says huh ?
I got the aw4 and the 4.0 but unsure if the laredo has the towing gears. I do not think it does.
Believe its 3.55~ or whatever the standard jeep one is.
Ill check back.
Pick a part has 50% off this weekend :) so I might get an axle. and some s10 leafs for a bastard pack :)

November 7th, 2017, 10:48
If your axle still has the metal tag on the diff cover, the gear ratio will be stamped on that (might be hard to read though)