View Full Version : Only one headlight working

October 31st, 2017, 21:45
Only one headlight working . Tried 2 new headlights and still doesn’t work. Any ideas what to check next? Thanks

October 31st, 2017, 22:31
ground at the bad headlight would be my 1st thought

November 1st, 2017, 05:44
Broken/separated wire at the back side of the plug. Maybe dirty contacts in the plug.

Green Mesa XJ
November 1st, 2017, 09:13
On a 91 XJ I had the drivers side ground break at the plug. Soldered in a replacement socket to fix it.

Other place to check is the headlight harness plug near (sort of underneath ) the air filter housing and computer on the 1991-2 XJ

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November 8th, 2017, 19:44
Went to use high beams and both work. Not a plug issue or a ground issue but was a faulty 10a fuse low beam relay in cabin that had blown out from trying HId headlight kit. Problem fixed with a $1.00 part. Go figure