View Full Version : Crank possible with bad NSS?

October 29th, 2017, 12:32
Been chasing a hard starting problem for months. Have eliminated many possible causes. Usually takes 5-15 tries to start, cranking but not starting, hot or cold, although hot usually starts faster. Recently noticed that it sometimes starts in fewer tries from Neutral, and that sometimes it will not crank in Park but will in N, or vice versa. My understanding has been that it shouldnít even crank if the NSS is bad, but this behavior makes me wonder. Tried to see what would happen if I bypassed the NSS as described in multiple threads, but either itís not the NSS or I never found the right connector/pins to jump as I never got to a place of a quick start. 96 xj 4.0 auto. Also wondering if the trouble is a bad ignition switch and/or key cylinder.... thereís a lot of play in there, and the car was stolen six months ago (presumably with a screwdriver start), but donít know how to test for this. Trying different pressures, angles etc when turning key doesnít seem to make much difference.

October 29th, 2017, 13:34
The NSS can't make it hard to start. It can only make it not crank at all.

October 29th, 2017, 14:22
As was previously mentioned the NSS is all or nothing. It interrupts the start relay itself with no feed for ignition.

With the ignition switch feeling loose I would start by replacing that only because you don't want it to fail on you. To do this you will need to acquire a security TORX set (the style with the hollow center to the bit). Acquire either long (4"+) tang bits or actual screwdrivers as you'll need this to remove the steering column surround.

Note that when you buy the new ignition switch your door locks, glove box lock, and ignition switch will no longer be keyed the same. You can visit a locksmith to correct that, if you have a second vehicle I would remove all of the lock cylinders and bring them as well as the new ignition switch and key to the locksmith to get them keyed alike.

If you still have hard starting issues after replacing the switch you will need to continue to diagnose it, report back here and we'll try some more.