View Full Version : Intake swap what belt lenghts?

October 24th, 2017, 23:33
K so I have swapped a 99 intake onto my 92 4.0 along with 99 power steering pump what lenghts of serpentine belt should I be running and if anyone has a pic of the routing that would help as well thanks guys

October 25th, 2017, 06:06
when I did mine on my 93 I just used the belt for the newer style. So for your case just ask for a belt for a 99.

October 25th, 2017, 06:28
DAYCO 5060950
Color: Black
Effective Length (mm): 2415.04
Effective Length (in): 95.08
Material: EPDM, Aramid Reinforced
Maximum Operating Temperature (Deg. F): 212
Maximum Operating Temperature (Deg. C): 100
Minimum Operating Temperature (Deg. C): -42.7
Minimum Operating Temperature (Deg. F): -45
Outside Circumference (mm): 2429.26
Outside Circumference (in): 95.64
Rib Quantity: 6
Top Width (in): .82

October 25th, 2017, 07:14
I took out the upper idler pulley and used the new idler pulley under the p/s pump


October 25th, 2017, 12:39
^^^ Yup, just did this same manifold swap on my 95 XJ. The belt is soooooo much easier to adjust with this newer setup but the belt needs to be very tight or it will squeal when you use the a/c (as I found out).

October 25th, 2017, 16:30
Thanks for the info just picked up the new belt not too worried since my rig doesn't have AC but thanks for the heads up