View Full Version : Using an AW4 TCU to run a 4L80e?

October 24th, 2017, 20:03
So, I'm cheap, and I like to make life harder. One great way to do this is to put a 4L80e where it isn't needed, and run it with cheap / available TCU that it isn't designed for.

On the AW4 the solenoids are
S1 S2
On Off First gear
On On Second
Off On Third
Off Off Fourth / OD

with switch 3 running the torque converter clutch.

S1 S2
On Off First Gear
Off Off Second
Off On Third
On On Fourth

So, incomplete information, but it sure looks like a small Arduino could translate if plugged in series from the TCU to the 4L80E, right? I've forgotten almost all of my electronics knowledge but has anyone heard of / seen / done anything applicable here?

The idea is that I would like to run a 4L80E behind a megasquirt'ed engine, but avoid paying $500+ for a 4L80e controller. $40 at a junkyard + 20 worth of arduino sounds a lot better to me.

Green XJ Jeep
October 25th, 2017, 05:13
Might be easier,