View Full Version : hvac seal kit interchange?

September 23rd, 2017, 16:29
My 91 parts catalog shows the heater core / evap core foam seal as part number 56006312. I can't find this anywhere.

The 01 parts catalog shows a multi-part seal "kit" part number 4874069AB which seems to be in production and available.

Are they interchangeable?

September 29th, 2017, 16:52
Bought the late-model seal kit to see if it would work. Its not exactly the same but its close enough to work with some minor modifications

The large circular foam piece around the blower motor housing is quite a bit larger than the old style (a good 1" gap around the edge). You could correct it by cutting a couple of small pieces strategically. My blower foam is good so I didn't bother.


The smaller rectangular piece for the tubes is the right size and shape, but the tube cutouts are different.


First step was to punch new holes to match the early model layout (I used a hacksaw to cut off a piece of the old brass heater core, the rough edge made a nice hole saw for the foam) and then fill the unused holes with RTV. Second step was to add a piece of 1" door and window weatherstripping from Lowes to the outside, so that it filled the pocket better. I also covered the seam between them Right Stuff RTV to help protect from outside moisture.


Here it is installed, as seen from the inside


Probably not worth it for the price I paid. I looked all over and could not find one for less than $50. I was hoping for a better fit, but since I could only use the small piece I would definitely have been better off to just go buy some exercise mat and cut it up.