View Full Version : proper shackle options for RE 3.5 lift

September 16th, 2017, 23:39
hey all,

Ive added gears, locker and 33s to the jeep this summer. its a 99 auto running an RE 3.5 superflex arms, which i need to look into replacing but thats another issue.

ive been running my set up for a while and this summer i have it bump stopped well, though it needs some tuning for flex and the rear leafs are recently new again. so, i currently have the iron rock shackle, but the angle isnt what it should be and im wanting to tune this for ride quality and flex.

when the jeep becomes a tirpod i can feel where she needs more flex and traction, its close to what i need , but still has some fun teeter action and looses grip when flex is maxed out, even with the rear locker.

What im asking in particular is what set up is everyone else running with these leaf springs?

my rear DS is stock, if there is a bolt on shackle set up for 45 shackle angle ( i hope), ide be interested in looking into that. i dont want to lift it anymore if i dont have to. COG is very good as is.

September 17th, 2017, 02:12
Before I swapped to OME leafs I used re 3.5s. They were fairly clapped out (I got them used for free) and only netted about 2 inches of lift. I ran then with HD engineering standard shackle relocation brackets and Comanche shackles that I later swapped to rustys .75in lift shackles. In total I sat around 3.5-4 inches lift and it road/ flexed great, although I'm glad I swapped to OME. I'd say if you want more flex then get some shackle relocation brackets. If not shackle angle then maybe driveshaft is limiting? I also run stock ds so idk.