View Full Version : Lower right dash/knee bar attachment points to dash broken

September 16th, 2017, 23:03
Somehow my dash is broken. The whole right side past the main "behind the ash tray" bolt is hanging and flopping about.
It's a 96 XJ but this particular part is fairly universal.
If you look at the passenger side of your XJ's dash, there's a kicker panel that the ash tray is part of.
This, the lower part. it attaches to the rest of the main dashboard.
On the right side, it attaches to points of "the main dashboard" that are also part of the "cubby hole" below the glove box.

Does that make sense?

These points of the lower kicker panel/ knee bar (what the TCM is attached to on passenger side of said panel)
attach with coarse screws via 3 or 4 plastic holes that are part of the molding that makes up the "cubby hole" below the glove box.
(and one from below on each corner of the panel L and R).
I'm not sure if I'm describing this correctly, but my question is this:

Is it possible to replace just the "cubby hole" black plastic part that the mounts are in, or do I have to replace the entire dash??????? Every part the screws would "screw in to" are shattered in the "cubby hole" part. There a re no hard points left in this molding.

At first glance it appears the "cubby hole" that the broken screw mounts are part of, is separate from the rest of the interior parts but I'm not sure without dismantling it unknowingly and hesitant to do so.

I'm not sure if I'm being too detailed or vague, so I'm happy to elaborate if necessary. Been working 6 doubles a week so I'm missing on a few cylinders, lol.
Any input as to how to replace this part is greatly appreciated. Gorilla tape is NOT an acceptable repair.
Thanks, folks!

September 17th, 2017, 16:13
My '96 suffers from pretty much the same malady. I haven't made it a priority yet to try to fix this.

Some trial and error in a pick-your-part junkyard might be the best way to get your answer on that cubbyhole.

I will be interested in what you find out.

September 18th, 2017, 15:59
I have had excellent luck over the years repairing the black ABS plastic using the cheapest crazy glue at Wal Mart. I have used it on my electric fan tabs that go into the radiator and the fan shroud which I split into 4 pieces. I was doubtful but it really does work. I'd think it'd work on your heater box too.