View Full Version : Coyote internal beadlocks or weld on beadlocks?

August 29th, 2017, 18:09
I'm getting ready to install beadlocks on the MJ and I'm tossed up on what style to go with.

If I go with the internal style I can use my existing rims and not alter the width of the truck. Just not too sure about relying on the tubes holding up.

If I go with weld on beadlocks I'd get the .250" thick version, so I have no doubt that they will be pretty rugged. The only downfall is that I would have to get new rims because of the existing rock rings. If I install just outers I can stick with my current backspacing. But if do inners & outers then I will have to go with less backspacing to allow space for brake caliper and tie rod clearance. This will widen out the stance a bit, and I really like it the way it is.

I'm looking for opinions on Internal vs. outer vs. inner & outer beadlocks.

August 29th, 2017, 20:24
I really like my weld on beadlocks. Only downside is I feel like they're kinda heavy, and I only went with the 3/16" version. I think inner and outer weld on beadlocks would be a lot of weight and a pia to the mount the tire.

August 29th, 2017, 21:10
No complaints with my stauns (coyote).

Been running them for around 4 years, tubes and all parts were used when I installed them at that time. Installing with 40" mtrs on 17" wheels was really not much more work than bolt type beadlocks. One of my tubes just popped recently, but they could be 10 years old for all I know??

One big advantage to the inner lock style...both beads locked. I have literally run them at 1psi with no issues.

Anyway, overall I'm very happy with them. Would do it again in a heartbeat.

August 30th, 2017, 09:12
Ever thought about B.A.D wheels?

August 30th, 2017, 16:37
Ever thought about B.A.D wheels?

Nice wheels but at $586 per wheel with rock rings they are way out of my price range.

August 30th, 2017, 17:52
Thanks for the info, its a sizable expense either way so I'll have to do some more research before making a decision. Hopefully I can make up my mind and get some coming in within the next couple weeks or so.