View Full Version : Weak springs.

August 11th, 2017, 12:22
Ok here I go I was out on one of my local forrest roads going towards the trails. Been on this road many a time. Went through a couple dips like I have been before. I here a bottom out metal sound. I found my steering linkage bottom out on my track bar bracket. I'm running high steer on the left side and have at 6 plus inches of clearance. When I first built my XJ I did it short drop brackets Synergy 4.5 universal springs.( 4.5 on a JK. 3-3.5 on XJ) with 1 3/4 spacers gave me about 4 3/4 lift. No bottoming out. I upgraded to a core4x4 long arms. I installed Synergy universal 6.0 springs.(6.0 JK. 4.5 +XJ) the ride is not as smooth. Front end just seems to compress way too much. I'm running Bilstien 5150 shocks for 5 inch lift.caster is 6.5 camber -.5 toes about 1/16 toe in.

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