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February 14th, 2016, 19:31
The next scheduled workday is Saturday, February 20 on 2N49. The main focus is clearing any fallen trees on the trail and general brushing work.

Map of 2N49 (https://www.google.com/maps/ms?msa=0&msid=202496487103213971846.00050455cc90bb5ce4f76&hl=en&ie=UTF8&t=h&ll=34.247612,-117.373808&spn=0.078477,0.068111&source=embed)

Meet Point 9:00 AM 2N49 SOUTHERN END (http://www.advlifestyle.com/maps-trails/big-bear-area/2n49-bailey-canyon) (end of Palm Ave. in San Bernardino)
We will meet at 9:00 AM at the Southern terminus of 2N49 with departure to follow. We will continue through the entirety of 2N49 existing at the Northern end near Lake Silverwood.

CB Radio: The fours. We'll start on 4, if busy we'll bump up to 14, 24, or 34.
2m: 146.585 Simplex

What do I need?
Any vehicle that can do a USFS-rated moderate trail (Stock XJ, okay.).
Bring gloves, a hat, and loppers. Please bring light long sleeve shirts for brush work. Closed toe shoe mandatory. If you are sensitive to dust you may went to bring a mask.

Please RSVP.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to seeing you on the 20th.

February 14th, 2016, 22:17
No plans for camping?

February 14th, 2016, 22:38
You're always welcome to camp at the North Shore Work Center. I can't because I don't have time to get my camping gear together as I leave tomorrow night for NYC then DC for work. I fly home Friday night and will barely have enough time to toss the right tools and children in the Jeep!

February 14th, 2016, 23:13
I'm RSV Peeing on this thread.

February 18th, 2016, 07:33
My hunt is officially cancelled, so count me in. Plus the three Varmints.

February 18th, 2016, 11:09
I plan to be there, may bring another vict..I mean Volunteer

February 18th, 2016, 12:35
I will be there Saturday a.m., rocking my triple-shocked XJ (that's what they call it when one of your rear shocks is missing, right? :gee:).

I may sleep in Arrowhead Saturday night, may not. Belinda Wolfe may come with me, may not.

I am pretty sure James Provencher is going to be going, as well. Not sure about Jen.

February 19th, 2016, 19:46
I wish I could help, but I am on diaper and spit-up duty. Besides, I don't want to be heading east with the 91 closed.

February 20th, 2016, 20:41
Many thanks to Sean (souske) Anak and his kids, Matt (xcm), and my crazy children for helping out on 2N49 today. We loaded my trailer up with a discarded recliner and other trail head trash. We also hauled out four different truck tires, winched the overhanging tree down, drug several other hazard trees down before they fell on the trail, and checked out one vehicle that had been pushed over the side of nearby 2N43.

It was a lot of work but a good day. Thanks again, guys (and Charlotte)! I'll work on photos later, I just dumped the debris at the work center and am now having a well-deserved Nomad burger at Cedar Glen Malt Shop.

February 28th, 2016, 11:27
So where are those pics?



April 5th, 2016, 20:21
Better late than never...

Our February Adopt-A-Trail work was a single workday on 2N49 to clear trees from the trail.

http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/_data/i/galleries/GSequoia/20160220-2N49Maintenance/LR-20160220-127-la.jpg (http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/picture.php?/10417/category/507)
The dedicated crew

The work started as soon as we hit the trail head with the typical garbage left in the clearing. Locals are constantly dumping trash here, it's a real challenge.

http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/i.php?/galleries/GSequoia/20160220-2N49Maintenance/LR-20160220-001-la.jpg (http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/picture.php?/10291/category/507)
Anak and I set the kids to work while we carefully supervised.

http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/_data/i/galleries/GSequoia/20160220-2N49Maintenance/IMG_0340-la.jpg (http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/picture.php?/10282/category/507)
Anak and crew work on taking down an old recliner for disposal.

http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/_data/i/galleries/GSequoia/20160220-2N49Maintenance/IMG_0341-la.jpg (http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/picture.php?/10283/category/507)
Loading the trailer up with trail head trash.

Once we loaded up as much garbage as we could fit it was time to hit the trailhead. About 1/4 mile up the trail we came across Matt and he joined in on the action, I had no idea he'd been up there waiting for us.

http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/_data/i/galleries/GSequoia/20160220-2N49Maintenance/LR-20160220-010-la.jpg (http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/picture.php?/10300/category/507)
Matt ended up having some overheating issues climbing the steady grade of the trail so we had a chance to stop and enjoy the view.

http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/_data/i/galleries/GSequoia/20160220-2N49Maintenance/LR-20160220-013-la.jpg (http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/picture.php?/10303/category/507)
Matt climbing the trail.

While we were stopped at Pine Flat to wait for Matt a hiker came up to us asking us if we know about the car over the side of the trail, we did not. This vehicle left a different trail and ended up in the canyon.

http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/galleries/GSequoia/20160220-2N49Maintenance/imagejpeg_2.jpg (http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/picture.php?/10444/category/507)Long way down.

http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/_data/i/galleries/GSequoia/20160220-2N49Maintenance/LR-20160220-014-la.jpg (http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/picture.php?/10304/category/507)
Wedged in.

Matt and I hiked down to the truck and found it to be clear of people. It was likely a stolen vehicle pushed over the side. I later reported it to the authorities and found out that they were already aware of it. Getting that truck out would not be easy.

Now that we were done with that it was time to go do the primary goal for the day. When I cleared the Windowmaker tree (http://www.advlifestyle.com/2016/01/15/winching-the-widow-maker) a few weeks back I was unable to take clear some more issues because I was alone and there was snow on the ground. While none were major hazards they were potential problems that had to be dealt with, that was the main purpose of this trip.

The first tree was the Widowmaker, I wasn't able to get it quite as far off trail as I wanted. Sean hooked his cable up to it via a snatch block to a tree on the side of the tree and winched it further off the trail while Matt assisted with a digging bar.

http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/_data/i/galleries/GSequoia/20160220-2N49Maintenance/LR-20160220-023-la.jpg (http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/picture.php?/10313/category/507)

After that we had a hole to fill from the root ball of a downed tree. We utilized some good old fashioned child labor for that job then topped it off with dirt.

http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/_data/i/galleries/GSequoia/20160220-2N49Maintenance/LR-20160220-029-la.jpg (http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/picture.php?/10319/category/507)

http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/_data/i/galleries/GSequoia/20160220-2N49Maintenance/IMG_0345-la.jpg (http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/picture.php?/10285/category/507)

Next up was the twin tunnel tree. To take this down we rigged up a choker chain to a snatch block, ran cable through the snatch block and back to my Warn M8000, then pulled the first stage down and got it off the trail. For the next stage we had to make some relief cuts with my trusty red Axe then followed much the same process.

http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/_data/i/galleries/GSequoia/20160220-2N49Maintenance/LR-20160220-036-la.jpg (http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/picture.php?/10326/category/507)
Matt rigs the choker chain and snatch block while I had the cable up.

http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/_data/i/galleries/GSequoia/20160220-2N49Maintenance/LR-20160220-041-la.jpg (http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/picture.php?/10331/category/507)
Down comes the first stage.

http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/_data/i/galleries/GSequoia/20160220-2N49Maintenance/LR-20160220-044-la.jpg (http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/picture.php?/10334/category/507)
Pulling to the side of the trail.


April 5th, 2016, 20:22
http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/_data/i/galleries/GSequoia/20160220-2N49Maintenance/LR-20160220-050-la.jpg (http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/picture.php?/10340/category/507)
Manually completing the job.

http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/_data/i/galleries/GSequoia/20160220-2N49Maintenance/LR-20160220-055-la.jpg (http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/picture.php?/10345/category/507)
Rigging stage two.

http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/_data/i/galleries/GSequoia/20160220-2N49Maintenance/LR-20160220-062-la.jpg (http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/picture.php?/10352/category/507)

http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/_data/i/galleries/GSequoia/20160220-2N49Maintenance/LR-20160220-065-la.jpg (http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/picture.php?/10355/category/507)
Tom starting on the relief cut.

http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/_data/i/galleries/GSequoia/20160220-2N49Maintenance/LR-20160220-079-la.jpg (http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/picture.php?/10369/category/507)
Taking it down.

http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/_data/i/galleries/GSequoia/20160220-2N49Maintenance/LR-20160220-083-la.jpg (http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/picture.php?/10373/category/507)
Preparing to move it off the trail.

http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/_data/i/galleries/GSequoia/20160220-2N49Maintenance/LR-20160220-091-la.jpg (http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/picture.php?/10381/category/507)
Moving it along.

http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/_data/i/galleries/GSequoia/20160220-2N49Maintenance/LR-20160220-098-la.jpg (http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/picture.php?/10388/category/507)
Manually pulling down smaller remnants.

http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/_data/i/galleries/GSequoia/20160220-2N49Maintenance/LR-20160220-102-la.jpg (http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/picture.php?/10392/category/507)
Winching one last larger piece.

http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/_data/i/galleries/GSequoia/20160220-2N49Maintenance/LR-20160220-107-la.jpg (http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/picture.php?/10397/category/507)
Re-spooling the winch line while the crew moves the last large piece off trail.

http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/_data/i/galleries/GSequoia/20160220-2N49Maintenance/LR-20160220-110-la.jpg (http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/picture.php?/10400/category/507)
More child labor!

http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/_data/i/galleries/GSequoia/20160220-2N49Maintenance/LR-20160220-124-la.jpg (http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/picture.php?/10414/category/507)
And the trail is clear once again.

Once we got this cleared the rest of the trail run proceeded pretty quickly. As I was coming down hill I noticed the left hand wheel on my trailer was low. I pulled over to discover a nail in the tire.

http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/_data/i/galleries/GSequoia/20160220-2N49Maintenance/IMG_0349-la.jpg (http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/picture.php?/10287/category/507)
Continuing the theme of child labor two of Anak's varmints took care of the job.

On the way out we spotted this pretty little creek that was not running where it was supposed to. A bit of shovel work returned it to its rightful bed and removed a potential erosion issue from the trail.

http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/_data/i/galleries/GSequoia/20160220-2N49Maintenance/LR-20160220-129-la.jpg (http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/picture.php?/10419/category/507)


April 5th, 2016, 20:22
http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/_data/i/galleries/GSequoia/20160220-2N49Maintenance/LR-20160220-131-la.jpg (http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/picture.php?/10421/category/507)

http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/_data/i/galleries/GSequoia/20160220-2N49Maintenance/LR-20160220-136-la.jpg (http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/picture.php?/10426/category/507)

http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/_data/i/galleries/GSequoia/20160220-2N49Maintenance/LR-20160220-137-la.jpg (http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/picture.php?/10427/category/507)

http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/_data/i/galleries/GSequoia/20160220-2N49Maintenance/LR-20160220-145-la.jpg (http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/picture.php?/10435/category/507)

Just as we were about done with the trail we noticed this contraption. I believe it was used to drag trails to grade them but was either lost or discarded on 2N49. We disassembled them and properly disposed of the components.

http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/_data/i/galleries/GSequoia/20160220-2N49Maintenance/LR-20160220-149-la.jpg (http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/picture.php?/10439/category/507)

http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/_data/i/galleries/GSequoia/20160220-2N49Maintenance/LR-20160220-151-la.jpg (http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/picture.php?/10441/category/507)

http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/_data/i/galleries/GSequoia/20160220-2N49Maintenance/LR-20160220-152-la.jpg (http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/picture.php?/10442/category/507)
A very fully loaded trailer.

http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/_data/i/galleries/GSequoia/20160220-2N49Maintenance/IMG_0356-la.jpg (http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/picture.php?/10290/category/507)
A well-deserved Nomad burger (bacon cheeseburger with peanut butter) from the Cedar Glen Malt Shop.

All in all it was a tiring but very rewarding day. Thanks to Anak and his kids, Matt, and Sean for joining myself, Sebastian, and Charlotte. If you would like to see more photos of the workday click this link (http://www.advlifestyle.com/photos/index.php?/category/507).


Jay Sco
April 6th, 2016, 05:41
Good work, you guys rock!

April 6th, 2016, 13:55
Cool pics. Thank you.

Got to work those Varmints like Dickensian orphans so they will be eager to get out of here once they turn 18.