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October 1st, 2015, 05:28
Welp, it is finally happening. This is being posted a bit early but I can't expect the person interested to just magically have the money just burning a hole in their pocket the moment I post this ad. More details will trickle down as time allows and I remember all the details.

The skinny $4500 (black name)/ $4250(red)
It has 160k on the motor. I purchased it from a Dealership in Charleston, SC in 2005 with 55k on the motor. Ever since then I have been upgrading it and installing anything and everything I could get my hands on. Many of the components have come from members of this forum members. The list of mods and upgrades will follow as I find the sheet I wrote everything down on. :gee:

The bad:
-clearcoat on hood
-CEL on low efficiency cats (code cleared after 4 day anniversary trip driving back and fourth to crater lake 6 times) Seems all the heavy use climbing mountains cleared it's throat but coming back to city driving has made to problem return.
-Really lame rim tire combo. (I miss my 32" BFG A/Ts)

October 1st, 2015, 22:11
Sorry about the enormous photos. I will create a Imgur album I will link to so I'm not flooding this post with photos that are original size and use up all of NAXJA's server bandwidth. :-)

Now with the Goodies:
-Bilstein 5100 shocks F/R
-Old Man Emu 2" medium leaf springs
-ZJ V8 front springs
-4.10 gears all around. Professionally installed, still have receipt
-JCR Stage 1 rear bumper
-ARB Bumper w/factory wrangler fogs with 100w bulbs hooked to a relay with switch on dash
-The hard to find subwoofer stealth box with sub and amp
-Alpine/Polk Audio 6.5" speakers
-Pioneer Deck using a proper harness hookup. No rats nest splicing.
-HD Offroad Engineering Front/Mid Stiffeners
-IronMan4x4Fab Xtreme Trackbar with cross brace
-IronMan4x4Fab Motor mounts (lifts .25" to clear trackbar brace)
-Headlight harness relay harness
-Grounds/main power cables upgraded
-SYE in 231 using a front driveshaft
-RA Designs - Raid II shift controller with 2 switches for TC and shifter enable
-white LED Interior lighting. So much better than stock and lasts about 2 days straight if left on. Guess how I know
-I spent around 600-700 in SecondSkin Audio sound deadener
-Durango Steering Box
-28mm ZJ front sway bar (W/quick disconnects
-Adeco 7/8" rear swaybar (I may keep this for the Comanche)
-SPAL fan controller and Flex-a-lite fan (Likely keeping this as well for Comanche)
-Bored Throttle body to 60mm
-ZJ rear disc brake conversion
-EBC brake pads all around
-Stainless steel brake lines
-Trans cooler piped so radiator quickly warms the fluid and the external cooler maintains a cool temp)
-WJ Upper/lower control arms
-Napa lifetime replacement water pump
-a lifetime alignment at a shop in Salem I purchased from a Naxja member
Badass Naxja Stickers (minimum of 0HP!! added)

Another bad is at the moment the driver window controller is unable to control any windows. But all the other windows have control no problem. A problem I will make every effort to fix.

I got the title in hand and willing to sale.
I'd gladly consider some trades to lower the price if you got anything I need for my 90 4.0 auto LWB Comanche. I need timing chain, harmonic, trans cooling lines, updated 97+ efan, D44 ebrake lines,a working rear window, a locking toolbox that fits the bed. Stuff like that.

Ok, that's about the short of it.

October 3rd, 2015, 22:20
The Imgur album I promised.

October 9th, 2015, 01:40

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