View Full Version : Orange pipe thread sealant on heater core pipe??

April 28th, 2015, 18:16
Hi all,

I recently replaced the water pump on my 2001 XJ and while I was at it replaced the temp sensor and the outlet pipe leading to the heater core. I ordered these parts through Chrysler and when they came in they both had what looked like orange thread sealant (which was hard-ish) applied to the threads.

Assuming this was sealant, I went ahead and installed them both and then the water pump. Well as many of you already know, the pipe running to the heater core needs to be installed with the pump off because of orientation, and now, before I fill with coolant, I'm wondering if I was correct in assuming that the orange sealant was all that I'd need to apply before installing?

Is that going to leak? Was I correct in assuming that was a sealant from the factory? Or should I remove it and install thread tape in addition?


April 28th, 2015, 20:27
You are good to go.

It is a pre applied sealant, no need for additional.