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Mike Costin
April 3rd, 2015, 10:35

'95 XJ, no tilt steering, no airbag.
Not sure if these are the original steering parts -- numerous prior accidents

The steering column is comically loose as it passes through the firewall.
It started with a little pop that I thought was the track bar.
As of yesterday it grinds, wanders and pops so I took it off the road

The bushing, or whatever it is, that centers the steering column as it passes thru the firewall and connects to the intermediate shaft has self destructed.
Part of it is still attached but slid down to the pinch bolt

(High-res photo attached)

My FSM does not show the steering column - firewall interface in detail

Any suggestions to fix this thing in place?
I think I can get the front end of the shaft off easily to install a home-made "bushing".
Considering it's the steering I'd rather get input from more knowledgeable folks than jury rig it myself without guidance.

I'd rather not spend time and money at the junkyard.
This XJ is a rusty pile of s**t


April 3rd, 2015, 13:07
Crown sells the bearing and parts. Dealership might still be able to get it as well. I bought a replacement bearing/cup/clip for my 91 column for small dollars, then it turned out I didn't need it.

Download a parts catalog and look for the numbers

Bearing - J4486713
Retainer -- J4487743
Clip -- J4487739

The catalog makes it look like the intermediate shaft is in there but its just a placement for the graphic, no connections

Mike Costin
April 3rd, 2015, 15:44

I didn't even realize this was a bearing

Looks like there may be a 4th adapter piece too(?) And possibly different Crown parts for ->1994 and 1995->. I'm going to pull the column this weekend and see what's in here to begin with

Didn't even think of the dealer (Merkur syndrome). Looks like the OEM catalog has the lower bearing assembly as one unit for 92-95. Going to hit up the parts dept tomorrow morning!

Mike Costin
May 14th, 2015, 18:52
Edit: Tilt steering wheel with mechanical airbag

Mike Costin
May 14th, 2015, 18:57
I finally got around to doing this.

I bought the Crown bits:


But when I took the steering column apart it looked like this:



These are the parts I need replacements for -- a bearing retainer and cover that fit in the end of the steering column tube:


Does anyone have a lead on these part #s?

All I can find is the Crown kit which is obviously for a different column.

Thanks in advance!