View Full Version : Drivers floor pan. 99 XJ

September 14th, 2014, 13:29
Been looking for a replacement floor pan. Tried the search. Didn't work on my Tap a Talk app. Read through the Available pages. Found an interested thread on floors. Didn't wanna hi jack so here goes.
Seems that all the pans are for up to a 96. Do they have differences? Saw the cheap $59 one on ebay but doesn't seem to say its good for the newer model. Mines a 99.
Suggestions on where to get a drivers side floor pan would be awesome.

September 14th, 2014, 16:51
Raybucks is out of stock on the drivers floor pan. Rock auto has them but only up to 96. Wanna order that and an O2 sensor but would like to hear from some folks if this'll work or I'm tossing my money away...
Thanks in advance.

September 15th, 2014, 19:09

Wayne Sihler
September 16th, 2014, 01:32
look heer www.c2cfabrication.com
They list pans that fit all years.

September 17th, 2014, 03:26
Thank you. Got anxious and ordered the one off of Rock Auto but thank you for the reply. Pretty sure I can make it work.