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July 15th, 2013, 20:08
This "pending" project of mine got a heavy boot in the rear when I almost lit it on fire one night. The carpet ended up touching the exhaust and it actually started to char it.

I started replacing the floors in my DD and I'm just about done with the passenger side and my brother is doing some small patches and preventative maintenance on his floors.
Here's what had to go on mine...


The cuts extend past the rear spring mount just to where the floors start bending up towards the cargo area.

Replacement tins are made from a mix of 18 with beads rolled into it and flat 11 gage. The undersides were painted with Rustoleum high temp grill paint because I wanted a high temp paint over the exhaust system and not leave any exposed metal inside of the channel, but mostly because its what I had at the moment. Rockers will be replaced with 1/8 wall box tube. The muffler got wrapped in header wrap and siliconed, seems to have helped.

The front sheet, those 1/4 inch holes were not enough to attach the sheet to the channel. I had to cut out slits in order to get a nice weld.

I have a POR15 kit with the degreaser, etcher (for clean and/or rusty metal) and the paint that I was planning on doing both sides of the finished floor with. My brother picked up some 3M undercoating in a can from a paint shop, not the same stuff from Advance Autparts. We did a few test patches on his XJ and its way better than the Rustoleum undercoating. I want to use that over the POR15 on the inside to act as a sound and thermal insulator and possibly the Rustoleum rattle can truck bed liner over the POR on the for the outside.

I probably should have just bought the Raybuck front pan though, it was a real PITA to make, $80ish doesn't sound bad for the drivers side front.

What says NAXJA about this plan?

July 17th, 2013, 08:11
did the floor on my brother's 96...not as bad as yours but a lot had to be replaced...including the trunk area.. the paint you are using is fine. I used chassis black which is similar to POR15 to do around the seams and the under body and around the patched areas in the cab. Then used the rustoleum bed liner that came in the 1 gallon bucket used a roller to roll it on. been holding up well ever since. Just wear gloves POR15 will not come off your skin if you get it on it.