View Full Version : Need suggestions on rear setup after installing shackle relocators.

May 1st, 2013, 11:33
Ok so after the shackle relocators it has come to my attention that I need to redo the rear suspension from the huge shackles and stacked , worn out XJ packs that are there now.

What are your thoughts? The relocator gives 1.5, so I was thinking 3.5" leafs and 1" shackle to set the back at 6" and the front is 5.5. ANy other set ups you can think of?


Please let me know if photo does not show, sometimes they do off Facebook and sometimes not.

May 1st, 2013, 12:27
I run wagoneer springs with 1.5" re boomerang shackles. They are about 5.5" longer than stock, push the axle back about 2" and flex better than xj leaves. I really like the way they ride. The shackle relocators look like the rear most hole would be perfect.

May 1st, 2013, 12:30
I run RE 3.5" leafs and 5.5" straight shackles. With about a 60* shackle angle I get about 6" of lift.

I want to trade the leafs for something with a bit softer rate.

May 1st, 2013, 14:58
I run a HD offroad relocation box, 1.5" shackle, 1" T&T UBE and then stock ZR2 blazer leafs. Its netted me about 5.5" A little less then my brand new 5.5" RE coils in the front. But it rides super soft, and flexes like crazy because the leafs are close to flat. Plus i was able to stretch the rear 2" back.

May 1st, 2013, 15:22
Thanks guys I never really thought about pulling the axle back but that would be awesome. I can get a good deal on RE stuff . So ill start with the 3.5 leads and the boomerangs and see what happens