View Full Version : Dammit... 16x8 steel wheels with 5" backspacing?

April 29th, 2013, 10:51
About a year ago, I found a set of white steelies that were 16x8, 5x4.5 pattern, and 5" backspacing - dimensionally identical to my TJ-era Moabs. I want them so I can keep a set of DuraTracs on the Moabs for normal use, and have more aggressive mud tires on the steelies for thrashing weekends. This would allow me to make sure adjustments for one set of wheels were okay for the other set as well.

Only problem is, now I can't friggin find them anywhere. Closest I've found are black (not a problem), but with 4.25" to 4.5" backspacing.

I've looked at ProComp, Mickey Thompson, American Racing, and a bunch of generics, but am coming up empty handed. Anyone know of who else might make them?

April 29th, 2013, 11:00
Apparently I didn't explore Cragar's lineup enough... They offer wheels in these dimensions in both their 342 (D-window) and 397 (Soft 8) lines (3427812P and 3977812P, respectively).

Ne'er mind.