View Full Version : Replacing door hinge pins on pre-'97?

April 2nd, 2013, 17:13
So I've done a lot of searching on this and have not come up with a clear solution. The passenger door on my '91 four door XJ drops down about 1/2" when you open it and has to be slammed pretty hard to close it. Obviously the door hinge pins need replacing but herein lies the problem. Replacement hinge pins are readily available for the '97-'01 XJ's but I have not found any for my '91. I have heard of people replacing them with roll pins from a fastener supply place, but what size are they? And how exactly do you get the old ones out and the new ones in?

Based on how much play I can feel in the hinges, I would not be surprised if the hinges themselves have worn (i.e. the holes the pins go into may be starting to wallow out). I am hoping that if this is the case, it would be possible to drill the hinges out to fit a hinge pin (or bolt, roll pin, etc) with a slightly larger diameter than stock. Has anyone done this?

Any advice? I'm sure this a fairly common issue considering the age of these Jeeps, so someone here must have tackled this problem...

April 2nd, 2013, 17:20
Havent heard of anybody having problems with the hinge pins on XJ's. The more common issue is the actual body side hinge ripping off the thin sheetmetal that is attached to. This is very common on the 2drs, Ive had to do both drivers doors on both the 2drs Ive owned. I like to take some 1/2" or 3/4" angle iron and reinforce the inner skin there and reweld everything back together.

April 3rd, 2013, 13:14
Yeah I actually just dealt with that issue on my upper driver door hinge a couple weeks ago. A local member / fab shop owner was nice enough to weld it up for me free of charge. :D

The weird thing is that the driver door hinge had started to pull away from the body but the hinge pins are just fine, while the front passenger door hinges have a TON of play in them but there's no signs of them pulling away from the body (yet).