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July 22nd, 2012, 02:16
'98 Cherokee classic (2wd, sorry) 4.0L bone stock with 8.25 Chrysler Posi-track rear. I changed the diff fluid (including additive) yesterday and was going for replacing the rear shocks (sprayed the shock mounting bolts with penetrating oil and let it work while doing the diff fluid). I was removing the left rear (driver's side) shock and got the two top bolts out. Went to remove the nut on the bottom shock mount and it sheared off on me:skull1:. Looks like the bottom shock mount is integral to the rear axle.
My first idea is to cut the bolt off flush with the axle bracket with a dremel, then drill through (pilot hole then increasing bit sizes) and replace with a high strength bolt (12-14mm). I'm overseas, only have access to metric and no welding gear. Just a dremel and decent drill. Any advice or other ideas from the forum would be most appreciated.

July 22nd, 2012, 06:47
Doorman's "Help" makes a shock replacement stud.

However, it sounds like you have a decent plan already.
The lower mount does not use a shock bushing so either find a shouldered bolt the right size, or find a shock bushing and use a smaller bolt.

Too bad about the lack of access to a welder and decent tooling, as I usually find a shouldered bolt the right diameter and cut the bolt so the shoulder is a bit deeper than the shock eye, then weld the shouldered side back on the bracket.

July 22nd, 2012, 08:43
I recall seeing a repair like that somewhere.

The bolt goes through, then a nut to secure the bolt to the bracket. Then the shock, then a locking nut to secure the shock. Remember the old stud has a shoulder to allow the shock mount to rotate with axle travel.

Here's a link to someone that found a "kit" but you can assemble your own. The kit seems easily available at parts stores over here. Over there, maybe not so much.


July 22nd, 2012, 19:41
Your idea is correct. Ive done that repair before. I cut mine off with a sawzall.

July 23rd, 2012, 10:53
Thanks everyone for the replies. My shock setup is bone stock so I'm going for the dremel cutoff and bolt (shouldered to ride on the shock bushing) route. Will try to show the process and results. I'm banking on the right side doing the same thing to me so will load up on supplies for a two-fer.

July 26th, 2012, 12:06
OK, so here's what I did. I used a foreign door bracked to make the bushing, 12mm all-thread from a local hardware store (metric grade 8.8, roughly SAE grade 5), and used some basic tools. Drove it today with excellent results. The Dremel and a basic drill, along with a bastard file, were key. Note the pics with the differential...it is not leaking, I just changed the oil. Enjoy!